While we enjoy receiving awards and recognition from our peers, the true reward comes from all the great results we help our friends and neighbors achieve. #RewardsVsAwards


This beautiful little girl brought her mom a second surprise last night in our New Family Center, a proposal from her dad. #RewardsVsAwards

Suzanne Grayson

On May 26, 2016 in the early hours of the morning, my Daddy passed away at your hospital. At 3:30 am it was announced Code Red, White & Blue. Doctors, nurses, workers all lined the hallway as my Daddy's flag draped gurney passed thru. It was so touching and memorable that you do this for our veterans. He was a very proud Navy man and we want to thank you so very much. It was very comforting to my mother. The flag was presented to my mother in the chapel afterwards. Special thanks to the E R Nurse Wade, who stayed with us for hours after his passing making sure we were comforable. Also Chaplain Zak for his prayers & tributes. Awesome employees!! Thanks again for everyone's compassion. Raoul Laurent Family, Ponchatoula, LA

Brittany Nicole Warren

Yes I agree....when I had to have surgery there almost 5 years ago they treated me like family....I asked them one day "why yall so extra nice to me" they said it's because I was the baby up there...so yes that hospital is awesome I'll never forget what they did for me the six weeks I was there #RewardsVsAwards

Keri Oestriecher Caruso

I love St. Tammany Hospital! I wouldn't bring my family and friends anywhere else. It's always a good experience. #RewardsVsAwards

Cindy Lee

They were wonderful to my daughter and her premature baby. Couldn't ask for a better staff. #RewardsVsAwards

Diane Hauser Danflous

Great hospital, I've had many surgeries in the past. I've never had an anesthesiologist call me and check on me once I returned home. Amazing! #RewardsVsAwards

Susan McLee

My son was born at St. Tammany hospital almost 22 years ago. I could not have had better treatment! The staff was wonderful. Recently, a friend had to go to the e.r. at St.Tammany. I went with her. She could not have had a better staff treat her. I am glad to see that St.Tammany hospital has maintained their degree of excellence! They are professionals who care! Thumbs up for St.Tammany Hospital! #RewardsVsAwards

Earnestine Hartley

I had an out-patient operation done here. From the emergency staff to everyone involved in my operation, they were superb. I do not have not one complaint. From admitting, to prep, to my surgeon, Dr. Ross Hogan, the Anesthesia Care and recovery, I was so well taken care of that I was waiting for the surgery to began but it was already over. That's how good they are. I just love me some St. Tammy Parish Hospital. #RewardsVsAwards

Casey Hidalgo

A few years ago, my then 15month old baby girl and i were residents of STPH's pediatric floor. Olivia had been a VERY sick little girl for weeks and after two weeks at a previous hospital, she was released. Mommy instincts kicked in and I knew my baby was no better and that I had to get her the help she needed, so to STPH we went. They were absolutely amazing the entire time we were there! Oliviaseemed to be getting much better and they were all set to let her come home but another round of labs showed extremely elevated white counts and her amazing dr's knew that Olivia was now in need of help that was beyond what they can do, so in the middle of the night we were surrounded by teary eyed nurses and dr's as they watched us being loaded into an ambulance and be taken away to Children's hospital of New Orleans. Olivia had taken a drastic turn for the worst. Within 72 hours we were told that she possibly had Leukemia (turned out negative praise be to Jesus) she underwent emergency surgery and we were told that she had a rare form of pneumonia that had collapsed both lungs. Olivia was critical and they lost her three times during surgery. She spent the following two months on a ventilator. Thank God STPH got my miracle the help she needed. I simply couldn't imagine life without her. She is a fighter and is happy healthy and turning 7 this year!!! I had both of my children at STPH and I've never been disappointed in our care. You guys are amazing!! 


Cleo Missy Dupre

This hospital is the reason I am still alive. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses and of course, God. #RewardsVsAwards


Having a baby can be one of the most exciting and stressful times in a family's life, and we are proud to make it the best it can be! We are honored to be recognized as of Women's Choice Award 2016 America's Best Hospitals for Obstetrics. #RewardsVsAwards

Jennifer Marie

We had an amazing birth experience at STPH! Labor and Delivery nurse, Kim the Superstar, went above and beyond her call of duty with amazing composure and skill to ensure our little man arrived safely and healthily. Awesome job! Emily, charge nurse, your customer service and smile brightens the department. Nancy, Jan, Tammy and Cheryl in Lactation Services,...you were amazing with lactation assistance, a challenging task....priceless! Nursery Nurses, especially Sandy and Jen, thank you for your compassion and help our first couple of days and nights. Food services technician, Jeanine, your cheerful spirit never went unnoticed. Thank you! I am proud to say I work here as well...and choose this hospital above any other for my Healthcare needs close to home. Great Job! #RewardsVsAwards

Cat Lane-Arnold

When it comes to compassionate, respectful and welcoming care, no hospital compares with our St. Tammany Parish Hospital. I was there for 5 pregnancies, various surgeries and intermittent emergencies and I and all my family members always felt not only medically secure, but as though every staff member really cared about our comfort and well-being. #RewardsVsAwards

Carey Hogue

Everyone at this hospital made my first delivery experience completely wonderful!!! We didn't want to go home! I would recommend these awesome nurses to any mommy!!!

Kristy Jackson Scharenbroch

So proud to be part of this amazing unit. Our nurses truly have a passion for the amazing experience of the birth of a child. #RewardsVsAwards

Lori Jones

I am so thankful for St Tammany's breastfeeding classes. While expecting my third child, I took the class hoping to successfully be able to breastfeed my son after not being successful with my first two. The teachers and the information were so helpful and I've been breastfeeding for 8 months! The care I received at St Tammany is definitely world class. Thank you for everything. #RewardsVsAwards

Angela Schenck Dragg

A quick word of Thanks to your wonderful nursing staff! Yesterday my husband had back surgery and spent last night in your hospital. The staff couldn't have been kinder to either of us! They were both professional and thoughtful and really made us feel safe and welcomed! Also room 425 was beautiful with the two walls of windows and spacious accommodations! Thanks again to everyone and as much as we appreciate it, we hope not to be back anytime soon! #RewardsVsAwards

Brandie Bordelon

My son was admitted to st Tammany hospital when he was only 5 days old for jaundice. It was the day before Easter.2015. The nurses put together a little easter basket for him !! They were so wonderful and made sure he was taken care of as well as me!! #RewardsVsAwards

Brittaney Ransom

I had my baby here 5 years ago and choosing this hospital was the best decision. I was treated so well and loved all the staff! #RewardsVsAwards

Kathy Powell

I had a gallstone that blocked the common bile duct making my insulin from my pancreas retrograde back causing the pancreas to cannibalize itself which drove my sugars ways up causing me to go into diabetic keto acidosis and a 5 day coma. This made me a type 1 diabetic (juvenile diabetic) when I was over 50 years old! My situation was so bad the doctors spoke of only a 10% chance of recovery and that if I made it I would be no more than a vegetative state. Luckily, the fabulous doctors, nurses, therapists and even the housekeeping personnel performed their jobs so splendidly and with such care that I am here and able to do most things I did before the coma. My strength in my arms is lesser but that's about all I lost... my mind was already iffy so I can not blame them for my forgetfulness! Prayers by many people (including the people overseeing my situation) and the positive feedback for the smallest of my achievements brought me back. I thank God for the care and positivity of those folks often! Thank you for all you did for me! #RewardsVsAwards

Betty Mixon

My grandson Rex was in the St. Tammany Hospital for rsv & pneumonia...they were awesome to him & my son & my daughter in law...the dr. & all the er...all the 3rd floor nurses were the best especially Rebecca. Thank y'all very much. 

Patricia Varnado Moore

I've had therapy at three different facilities one for wrist, one for ankle and now my stroke. Not one of the other two can compare to St. Tammany. I cannot say enough about everyone who works in the outpatient facility. They all work together to get us patients back on the road to recovery. AMAZING AND AWESOME GROUP. I will miss all of you when I am finished therapy. #RewardsVsAwards

Kathe C. Watson

I've never had such a wonderful medical experience as my stay at St. Tammany Hospital last November. Wonderful staff, so much kindness, and the food was wonderful. When I checked out, I asked them if I could make a reservation for the next weekend! Ha. 

Sally Bronaugh Ansel

Cannot say enough GOOD about this hospital, especially the wonderful nurses in the CCU. My husband could not have received better care, anywhere, ever! #RewardsVsAwards

Milton Saba

St. Tammany Hospital saved my wife's life last year and helped save my life in 2000. Love St. Tammany Hosptial. 

Kim Michell Walters

Our grounds crew wins AWARDS, their beautiful landscape is our REWARD! Thank you!! #RewardsVsAwards

Amanda Paxton

Spending a Night of Fashion to raise funds for pediatric advancement at St. Tammany Parish Hospital! #RewardsVsAwards

Nicole Ahlborn

Just had surgery there today and everyone was so plesant an accommodating. They truly care! 

Kim Michell Walters

It's been a few years ago, but here is a shout-out to CCU and ICU nurses at St. Tammany Parish Hospital! When my mom, Janet Coulter Michell, had her heart valve replaced, the nurses jumped through hoops on a daily basis and saved her life on a couple of occasions. I am forever grateful!         #RewardsVsAwards

Jacqueline Cameron-Sharpe

My experience there was one of my best. Though being there as a patient was a rough period , the people there were amazing, kind and caring. This hospital deserves any award they get. I will definitely go there again if I should need to be hospitalized again. #RewardsVsAwards

Destiny Lynn Ordoyne

Happy NICU nurse day!! We all can't thank yall enough for everything you've done! Where do I even begin? You kept my sweet boy alive. It's as simple as that. You were his "mommy" when I wasn't there. You cared for him and always made sure we knew that. I never doubted his healthcare. I knew he was in the best hands possible. You guys are amazing!!! Simply amazing! In those 2.5 months we cried, laughed, and celebrated milestones together! You all will forever hold a special place in my heart. We will never forget you guys and we will visit after RSV season is over!! Again, we could never thank you guys enough for the amazing work that yall do!!! We love our NICU nurses and staff! I don't have everyone so be sure everyone sees it! #RewardsVsAwards

Cindy Jenkins

What a GREAT Hospital! The staff are all so wonderful and caring. 


Our employees spent a little time with Willy Wonka today learning more about HCAHPS and how we can serve our patients the best possible way! #RewardsVsAwards


World, meet my Godson! Brady was born last night and he's already stolen my heart. @tayloralfonso I'm so proud of you and am so happy for you and @bradalfonso! I love you three so very much!! See y'all in a few. #RewardsVsAwards


St. Tammany Parish Hospital leads the way in cardiac care in the region, with the latest cath and peripheral labs, state-of-the-art operating suites, certified cardiac rehab, Coumadin clinic and active staff relationships with the region’s leading cardiology and cardiovascular specialists. #RewardsVsAwards

Diane Hester Rodrigue

Am so grateful to the caring staff of Drs. and nurses at St. Tammany for the care given to my husband after his open heart surgery. We spent quite awhile in ICU, and many days in the hospital. They were very nurturing and made us feel comfortable as possible in an awful situtation. The follow-up program in cardiac therapy at the outpatient pavilion is wonderful. Can't give Kris, Nancy, Jan, Michael and Courtney enough praise on giving my husband his life back! #RewardsVsAwards


St. Tammany Parish Hospital is one of only two of the nearly 40 hospitals in the New Orleans metro area to land on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals list for 2014-15. ‪#‎RewardsVsAwards

Melissa Hodgson

This week I wound up not-so-secret shopping St. Tammany Parish Hospital. From Guild volunteers to Admit, Ambulatory Care and Radiology, everyone lived out our promis, world-class healthcare, close to home. It made me proud to be part of this team. #RewardsVsAwards

Glenda Lovell Froelich

I love this hospital! They saved my life! I spent 41 days of my life there in the past couple of months. 


Many members of our community came out this weekend for our Fall Health Fair! Free screenings and education were provided to all who attended! #RewardsVsAwards


We truly strive to achieve excellent patient care, from doctors and nurses to food and environmental services; we want you to have an excellent experience. Although we are proud to receive awards and recognition from our peers, the joy we get from seeing positive outcomes for our friends and neighbors is our true reward! #RewardsVsAwards

Darla Wall Steadman

Love my hospital.....I lost my mother and gained two beautiful grandchildren here. I have also been a patient. As an employee of 20 years I have watched it grow. I am proud....   #RewardsVsAwards


As a Pathway to Excellence® designated organization, St. Tammany Parish Hospital is committed to nurses, to what nurses identify as important to their practice and to valuing nurses’ contributions in the workplace.